Currently at Portland Zoo the star is Samudra a baby elephant born at the Oregon zoo this past fall and boy his he a cutie.

I couldn't believe the nails that this sun bear has, can you imagine getting a back scratch from him?

Of all the animals at the zoo Victoria's favorite seams to be the ducks, I have to say this mallard is very handsome.

Victoria got her zoo keepers key that she can go to different stations around the grounds and learn all about the animals in the exhibits. I love that she wanted to not only listen to everyone, but had to stay until the presentation was finished.

They had two Bold Eagles at the zoo and I love the way they built this exhibit for them to really live like they would in the wild. There is live fish for them to catch and you can sometimes catch them diving in for dinner. How awesome is that?

HA HA we got a kick out of this bear just relaxing in a tractor tire. Victoria was all excited that she knew he was sitting, even though people next to us thought she said something else. I busted out laughing because either way she could have been right.