The busy life of packing and driving has really taken a hit on our energy but we are back and I think almost recovered. We had wonderful travels with no issues, praise God. It was wonderful having the animals created this time so we didn't have any run offs or sudden surprises.

~House News~
Now that we are home I have been getting things together to start our big task of selling this house. This is going to be a very interesting event for us as we have no idea how the Lord will work it out. I think I am going to starting posting things online that we can sell to get them off our hands and not have to put the unnecessary in storage. We have lots of painting to do and a few upgrades as well.

~Baby News~
We are in our 22nd week. Olivia has got to be growing a lot right now because it feels like she is stretched from one end of me to the other. Tonight has been very difficult to get comfortable to get any kind of rest (yep that is why I am posting this past 1am.) This week when getting everything in order for our next appointment I had a stressful day. When I called our new insurance to make sure my midwife was covered they told me she wasn't and I would need to find a different Dr. that was In-Network. This brought on so much stress because I had no idea how I was going to find another Dr. that I liked. Thankfully where I go has a wonderful office staff and when I called almost in tears to cancel my appointment because I would be covered they asked what insurance I had and they informed me that I should be covered with them. So I called my insurance again and the lady confirmed that yes I could see my midwife and have the In-Network coverage. I am so relieved that I don't have to have a new Dr. Beverly is just so wonderful I can't imagine having anyone better.

Our poor little girl has been sick and up at night because she can't breath. Today she really seamed to be doing better so I am hoping that once I can get to sleep I wont have to get up. She loves to help me out around the house but hates when she doesn't get to do what she wants, like play in cat liter, or write on the walls. I really am working hard to get this place comfortable for her. She has done really well adjusting to the house and schedule. Our new favorite thing to see her do is "this little piggy" Brads mom was doing that on her toes all the way across country and she just loved it. Well she loves it so much she wants to share the action and do it to you on your toes... completely skip roast beef and the piggy with none but gets so excited about wewe we all the wayyyyy HOME. I am going to start trying to potty training again soon. Does anyone have an advise? I know to have lots of carpet cleaner ready :)

Well I guess that is all for now. Maybe I will be asleep sometime soon.
A girl. Our appointment went really well and we found out right away that we would be having another girl. Olivia was asleep or at least resting when we first started the ultrasound, which was very uncomfortable for me having a full bladder. The tech was so wonderful, she got great measurements of her spine and brain while she was still and that was great because once she started moving she was all over the place. Rolling all around and just putting on a show for mommy and daddy, we laughed so many times. I got a bunch of great pictures and they even surprised me with a 3D portion which just made me all teary eyed.

Health wise baby is doing great weighing in at around 8oz. I no longer have complete placenta previa as it has moved a whole inch above my cervix. She was not able to get a full exam of the heart because Olivia wouldn't stay still and she is a little small. She said that we might have to come into the office again to get another scan of her heart just to make sure they don't miss anything.

I feel so dumb but I wasn't really sure what my EDD was as they changed it so many times. Thankfully I asked because I thought that I was due the 7th and really they have the 17th. She is measuring in the middle of the two dates so we will see what happens in December. I will have to post pictures later, we need to hook up the scanner again.

Victoria loves to sing Beethoven's 9th to Olivia and give hugs and kisses to her little sister. She is going to be a very loving big sister
We went to Astoria Oregon for the weekend to relax and had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the KOA we stayed at and also from the beach...

We have an other ultrasound picture this time from the ER... long story short , mom, and baby are okay with a clean bill of health. I had some bleeding from my placenta on Saturday morning that will continue off and on throughout the pregnancy at this point. This is just something we need to keep an eye on to make sure that the baby is getting enough blood flow and growing as he/she should be. Our next appointment is on Thursday, today marks 16 weeks. While the tech did all her investigations she tried very hard to see the gender but didn't have much luck, he/she was just all over the place.

Here is our first profile picture of little gummy-bear...
If you look good (I had a hard time scanning it in) you can see a hand and the face very well. It is amazing on the ultra sound we can see the nose, lips and everything. We are just so blessed and praise the Lord that he/she is doing great!

Currently at Portland Zoo the star is Samudra a baby elephant born at the Oregon zoo this past fall and boy his he a cutie.

I couldn't believe the nails that this sun bear has, can you imagine getting a back scratch from him?

Of all the animals at the zoo Victoria's favorite seams to be the ducks, I have to say this mallard is very handsome.

Victoria got her zoo keepers key that she can go to different stations around the grounds and learn all about the animals in the exhibits. I love that she wanted to not only listen to everyone, but had to stay until the presentation was finished.

They had two Bold Eagles at the zoo and I love the way they built this exhibit for them to really live like they would in the wild. There is live fish for them to catch and you can sometimes catch them diving in for dinner. How awesome is that?

HA HA we got a kick out of this bear just relaxing in a tractor tire. Victoria was all excited that she knew he was sitting, even though people next to us thought she said something else. I busted out laughing because either way she could have been right.