It is time for Nemo to go on vacation. All Victoria wants to do is watch Nemo she could watch it 100times and still not have enough. I know that it is our faults as parents for giving in so many times but we are done. Nemo is being sent on a vacation and she will just have to say bye. I am sure it will increase the terrible two fits that she is starting but we need to get some control back and I think Nemo is where we start.

Side Note:

Terrible two's

Seriously I think that terrible understates the situation. I have had cups of milk and water thrown at me. Been charged at by a screaming toddler and all because of this terrible two stage... I must have done something some wrong to get this child so angry with me. Not to mention the loss of ears, I swear she doesn't hear one word I say unless it is Nemo or Juice. Some days are great but the bad ones are just over the top, and they say it gets worse before it gets better... well then I am just going to have to run away.

In all honesty it is not to bad just takes a lot more time to get things done with a lot more patients. I am sure the neighbors hear her screaming at me and think that she is being hurt. She just likes to scream, I wish I knew how to calm her down and keep her happier with out spoiling her and giving in to her demands.
We had a wonderful Christmas and Victoria got lots of wonderful gifts. Are you ready to see the top three gifts...

Victoria's favorit thing to do now is go sledding!!

Here is Papa and Baby

Here she is with Mama