It has it has been some time since my last post and I thought I would give a little update on how things are going.

The month of April we found out that we are blessed to be adding to our family. Victoria has been super excited that she will be a big sister in December, everything is about babies now. We had our first appointment at the end of April and this is our little gummy-bear at between 7 and 8 weeks.

Our next appointment will be June 25th and we should get to schedule our
ultrasound for July to find out if we are having a boy or girl. With this pregnancy I
have a posterior placenta that has prevented us from hearing the babies heartbeat at our
last appointment in May, but we get to see our little one instead. When the Dr. checked
for the heartbeat using the ultrasound it was so amazing to see the baby at this stage.
With Victoria we only got to see her at around 8 weeks and when we found out we would
be having a girl, she just looked like a little peanut. With this baby our last ultrasound at
12 weeks he/she looked like a little gummy-bear so we have the nicknames peanut for
Victoria and gummy-bear for baby #2.

Victoria has been having lots of fun at the house coloring, working on her Abc's and
being a toddler. We have started potty training, it is an interesting process but we are
doing well. It sure would be wonderful if by December she was out of diapers. She knows
all of her colors with yellow being her favorite. Now that she is talking so much more and
understanding just as much there is more for us to do. Her love and excitement for
animals and new objects is just so fun to see. It has also come to my attention that she is a very
sappy girl with a soft heart, the poor girls heart gets broke so easy. She has defiantly won both
Papa and Mama's hearts and melts it everyday with her kisses and hugs. She has a new love
for camping that all started in the house with her first indoor fort, it was lots of fun.

This Picture has trouble written all over it and sure enough what to follow was destruction...
As you can imagine she had a melt down when the fort came falling to the ground after being attacked by king kong.