This year is has been hard to keep track of the time, can you believe Christmas as already here? We have not had this chance of a white Christmas in years. Here we are in Portland Or where people say it never snows but we have so much snow that roads are closed. Tonight the remaining family members will be arriving and we are so blessed for everyone's safe travels. Tomorrow will be such a wonderful time to fellowship and remember the birth of our Savior.
Victoria is trying to be the independent child where everything she does she has to do it alone. Here she is trying to get undressed after playing in the snow...

So I guess we have some updating to do, we start with the first playtime in the snow. Victoria and I just had to go and play in the snow it melts so fast that you don't get much time to enjoy it.

Here we start our walk around the neighborhood in what we figure will the the most snow Portland will see.

Victoria decides after much hesitation to try picking up the white invading snow.

Is it something I can eat?
Wow it is so cold!!!

I love her smile here I am so glad that she has so much fun. Sure makes a cold day nice and warm!

Victoria loves the nights that Papa put up outside.
She thinks that he did a wonderful job, best in the neighborhood.

Well today has been a very uneventful day. Victoria and I chased each other around the house until she was laughing so hard she got silly and started falling over... yep that means she about to crash. We made up some yummy sandwiches, and while I was enjoying eating Victoria was enjoying sleeping with her food in hand. I guess nap time comes early when the weather is cold and snowy. Sure sounds like a good idea to me, so off to nap with my snow-angel.

Like I said uneventful day.

Mommy and Victoria are busy busy today getting ready for the possibility of a snow storm this weekend, we are excited.

How exciting maybe we will get to make a snowman.

Today Victoria and I finished our Christmas craft for her to decorate the tree... it was a blast.

Here she is working hard to get the glitter all over... yes it was a messy job

Here she is admiring the work well done

Victoria is very proud of her work and loves to point them out, reminding us that she made them.
Today Victoria has really been using her words. Usually it is pointing and well whining, but not the past few days.

One of her favorite movies is Finding Nemo, well now when she wants to watch it she will turn the TV on go sit on the couch and say "memo" lol.

This morning she kept pointing to the DVD player so I picked her up and let her pick what movie we would put in. Much to my surprise she pointed to the crayons and said "color color color." Never has she even tried to say or express coloring using words. So we colored the letter "J" today and talked about Jellyfish.

Brad and I have really been working hard on getting her to express her feelings wants and needs using words, not by screaming and whining. It feels wonderful that she is really starting to use her words to communicate with us.

Now if she would just tell us when she needs to use the potty!! HA HA Dreaming I know.

Here we start on our Day to Day journal. Being able to keep family and friends up to date that we have moved away from has been a little hard with the time difference so we figured this would be a great time start to Our Journal.

We are very excited to share our stories with everyone.