A girl. Our appointment went really well and we found out right away that we would be having another girl. Olivia was asleep or at least resting when we first started the ultrasound, which was very uncomfortable for me having a full bladder. The tech was so wonderful, she got great measurements of her spine and brain while she was still and that was great because once she started moving she was all over the place. Rolling all around and just putting on a show for mommy and daddy, we laughed so many times. I got a bunch of great pictures and they even surprised me with a 3D portion which just made me all teary eyed.

Health wise baby is doing great weighing in at around 8oz. I no longer have complete placenta previa as it has moved a whole inch above my cervix. She was not able to get a full exam of the heart because Olivia wouldn't stay still and she is a little small. She said that we might have to come into the office again to get another scan of her heart just to make sure they don't miss anything.

I feel so dumb but I wasn't really sure what my EDD was as they changed it so many times. Thankfully I asked because I thought that I was due the 7th and really they have the 17th. She is measuring in the middle of the two dates so we will see what happens in December. I will have to post pictures later, we need to hook up the scanner again.

Victoria loves to sing Beethoven's 9th to Olivia and give hugs and kisses to her little sister. She is going to be a very loving big sister