Do you ever have those mornings where you wish the wake up call didn't come in the fashion that it did. Let me tell you this morning was one of them for me.

We have the military fly over us almost everyday, well not just flying over us but taking off over us. Normally it is no big deal, even this morning they had gone two or three times and all was fine. I actually like watching them fly over, and the noise isn't all that loud, NORMALLY.

For some reason they decided that it was time to get me out of bed even if it meant giving me a heart attack. For some reason all of a sudden they just opened all the way right over the house. My heart stopped, I know they where trying to make me nearly pee the bed, luckily I didn't.

So now that I have recovered from my morning wake up call I think I will plan activities for the day.

Victoria is still sick:

There is a cold going around the church and it seams that Victoria has caught it. She has a wicked cough that is driving her crazy. It will be more of a crafty sit down day, maybe if it is warm enough we will go on a walk.